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Choosing Natural Stone Flooring

Natural Stone Flooring Boca Raton, FL

Natural stones have a unique aesthetic that enhances the attractiveness of outdoor settings. They complement the appearance of greenery and other features in the landscape and are widely used in large and small landscape projects.

While these materials are incredibly versatile, the installation needs to be handled by skilled masons. When you want any natural stone flooring installations done, you also need to make sure that high-quality materials are used in the features.

Companies like FR Pavers & Stone not only make sure that you get good quality products but that the installation is completed to industry standards. These experts know what customization is all about. They ensure that all of your ideas are incorporated into the plans. The different types of natural stones that could be used in landscaping include:


Travertine is a rugged and porous natural stone that is great for any outdoor space. It has a rustic yet elegant appearance and looks fantastic in any area of the landscape. The permeable surface allows water to seep into the ground below, which helps to replenish the underwater table. It has slip-resistant qualities, and many landscapers recommend it for areas like poolscapes that see a lot of water. It is also very cool on bare feet, which is another reason why it works well for pool deck installations.


This is a sandstone variant that is available in rectangular and square shapes. The slabs are thin and suitable for various applications such as deck and patio flooring, poolscape flooring, etc. It is an extremely durable stone that can withstand a significant amount of traffic, which makes it a good choice for commercial pathways and walkways too. You can choose from different types of bluestones such as:

  • Honed Bluestone is a thin variant with a highly polished finish
  • Thermal Bluestone has a more uniform texture.
  • Natural Cleft Bluestone is more non-uniform in texture.


This beautiful stone can be used in more formal-styled landscapes as well as casual ones. It looks terrific in any outdoor space and syncs well with exotic, Mediterranean, tropical, modern, and contemporary styles of landscaping. You can choose from flagstone of different shades and colors ranging from natural light grey to moss green, sand, yellow and red as well as brownstone and charcoal grey.

Cost-Effective Natural Stone Installations

While natural stone as a material is more expensive than tile, concrete, etc. it provides value for money due to its durability and inherent strength. If the installation is done correctly, these features will last for decades. If you are looking for good quality natural stone flooring, you should consider hiring the services of experts like the ones at FR Pavers & Stone.

They can provide high-grade services that are right in line with your needs. What makes these local hardscaping contractors the best choice is also that they can tailor their solutions and provide cost-effective natural stone flooring installations.

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