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Steam Cleaning & Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing, Boca Raton, FL

It takes a lot of effort and regular maintenance to keep a home looking new. Any vertical/horizontal surface can get covered with dust or stained with oil, grease, atmospheric pollution, efflorescence or mold. Not only do these mar the look of the exterior of your home, but can also reduce the value of your property and harm the integrity of the actual structure. It will also have a negative impact on the curb appeal of your home.

But regular steam cleaning & pressure washing can help rid your home of all these maladies and keep it looking bright and new. FR Pavers and Stone handles this job with expertise and can clean all the outdoor areas of your home as well as the exterior walls of your house. We carry out this kind of maintenance in numerous homes in Lake Worth and the surrounding areas and have many repeat customers.

The Power of Steam

Steam cleaning & pressure washing is a very effective kind of cleaning method which is carried out with the use of commercial equipment and high-grade cleaning agents. Steam is a very powerful element when it comes to getting rid of dirt and stains. The heat that is generated by the steam loosens any dirt or grease that is stuck or embedded in any of these exterior surfaces.

We also use the “dry steam” cleaning process in some places to wipe, scrub and rub the areas clean. In addition to this, we also pressure wash all the driveways, pathways and walks on your property and the hardscape elements in the landscaping are also given a thorough cleaning.

Effective Cleaning

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In combination, the steam cleaning & pressure washing ensures that all the stubborn stains and marks disappear. All the cleaning agents are of the highest grade and though they are very powerful cleaners, no harm is caused to the surfaces that are being cleaned. Power washing can be used to effectively clean the exterior walls and hard-to-reach places of the house structure. None of the cleaning products that we use contain any harmful chemicals; which makes the entire process very safe.

Safe Processes

Our personnel carry out the steam cleaning and pressure washing with very high levels of professionalism and efficiency. Utmost care is taken to ensure that there is no damage to your property. If you want a home that is clean and healthy from the inside and the outside, it is crucial to get regular steam cleaning & pressure washing done.

You can opt for a one-time steam cleaning & pressure washing service but we guarantee that when you see the results you will want a regular contact for this maintenance procedure. This will keep your home looking and feeling clean right round the year. FR Pavers and Stone has a deep understanding about hardscapes and what it takes to keep them in prime condition. You need look no further - just call us on 954-868-3129. You can also fill a form via our website and we will call you and provide you with a free quote for steam cleaning & pressure washing.

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