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Paver Sealing & Stain Proofing

Paver Cleaning, Lake Worth, FL

Today, pavers are used in driveways, walkways, decks and patios of homes. These may be made of concrete, brick or natural stone, all of which are hardy and durable in their own way. But all these materials also need regular maintenance and upkeep to keep them looking new and pristine. A driveway that has dull and stained pavers or a patio that has luster-less pavers is an eyesore. They can be an embarrassment as well as a health and safety hazard.

Mold and mildew that accumulates on the surface can cause allergies and are more slipping accidents also increase due to it. Driveways and garages are the areas that are more exposed to oil staining and these can also mar the look of the outdoor spaces of your home. The one way to avoid all these issues is to ask for FR Pavers and Stone’s paver cleaning & stain proofing services in and around Lake Worth. We can provide you with one-time services or contractual services as required.

Sealing it Right

Paver Cleaning, Boynton Beach, FL

When you entrust your paver sealing requirement to us, you can rest assured that your driveway, walkways and path, decks, patios and pool areas are all sealed and spruced-up, right round the year. The expert paver sealing & stain proofing services that we provide, take care of all the regular wear and tear and staining and discoloration that occur over time. It also means that your pavers will be able to weather changes in the climate much better.

All those oil leaks that take place from vehicles that are parked in the garage or in the driveway create stains that can make the best of landscapes look ugly and unattractive. Pavers tend to also naturally fade over a period of time, if they are not sealed and coated regularly. This might leave you with a very expensive solution of replacing the pavers. Save yourself all the trouble and the expense and opt for our well-planned and executed paver cleaning & stain proofing services.

Specialized Paver Sealing and Stain Proofing Services

We use the highly-specialized paver cleaning equipment & agents on all our projects. These specially-formulated cleaning agents clean all those stubborn stains and marks without damaging the base material. We use commercial rotary surface cleaners and high heat power-washers to do the job right. This specialized equipment is not accessible to homeowners and thus DIY cleaning attempts are not as effective as the professional paver cleaning & stain proofing services we provide.

The solutions and cleaning agents we use will vary depending on the material that the pavers are made of. For instance, if you have brick pavers that are tarnished or faded, specialized cleaning, sealing and re-sealing will be carried out. This ensures that the pavers will weather changes in the climate much better and will also no t get stained easily. Look no further than FR Pavers and Stone for all your paver cleaning & stain proofing services needs. Call us on 954-868-3129 for a quote today.

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