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BBQ’s, Boca Raton, FL

Today there is a lot of focus on health and wellness. People are becoming more conscious about their health and in a way this is also changing the way in which they design and remodel their homes. Outdoor spaces of homes are being used more and outdoor living areas are being created. This serves a dual purpose- all the excess and open space on the property gets used optimally, it enhances the look of the property and adds value to it and it encourages people to step outdoors and eat healthy too.

This happens primarily because outdoor kitchens provide a lot of scope for setting up BBQ’s and Grills which also means that people end up eating more grilled foods which is a great way to cook and eat. We at FR Pavers and Stone have designed and installed outdoor living areas for scores of satisfied customers in Lakeworth. Creating these spaces provides customers the convenience of grilling foods and enjoying the open areas around their home.

Types of Grills

We can build masonry for installation of simple as well as elaborate outdoor kitchens and create spaces that can be used for relaxing and entertaining guests. Some of our customers in areas like Boynton beach, Palm Springs and Lantana like to have full-equipped outdoor kitchens that have BBQ’s and Grills. These are available in various specifications and some of them can also be used to prepare complete meals. The most common types of grills which are available are:

BBQ Grills, Boynton Beach, FL
  • Charcoal Grills - Briquettes/wood fuel the charcoal grills. You can also add a different wood which lends food different flavors. Though charcoal grilling gives food a very distinctive flavor, it can be a little time consuming and cleaning up afterward can be troublesome but we can build the perfect counters for them.

  • Gas Grills - These are fueled by natural gas or propane. The natural gas grills and BBQ’s will have to be hooked-up to the main gas lines and we also handle that installation with the highest levels of expertise. The ones that operate on propane have small tanks attached to them. But these too have to be housed in the islands or counters and the planning will have to be customized.

  • Electric Grills - These have to be simply plugged into any electrical outlet and there is no flame. They are also very convenient and easy to maintain and safe to use and have to be housed safely.

The Best BBQ and Grill Services

The BBQ’s are also available in a variety of options and we have expert installers and masons who handle the entire project very efficiently and speedily. We pay a lot of attention to detail and provide you with customized solutions for all your outdoor living needs. Even as we do this, we focus on safety and ensure that all the gas lines and electrical work has the right housing in the hardscaping and masonry.

We have been serving the Lake Worth and surrounding areas for years and have helped many homeowners create the most beautiful homes. Call FR Pavers and Stone on 954-868-3129 for a quote today.

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