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Travertine Pavers

Travertine Pavers, Boca Raton, FL

Pool decking is very popular and so are poolscaping concepts. The pool area is also exposed to water and the elements which makes it imperative to use very high-quality, durable materials in this area. FR Pavers and Stone have been creating the most beautiful landscapes and pool areas in Lake Worth for a number of years.

We know that homeowners want value for money and they want spaces that look good and last long. This is why we use travertine pavers in many of our poolscaping projects. This material can be used in other parts of the hardscaping too but is ideal for pool areas. So what is it that makes it such a popular choice for these spaces?

Some Travertine Facts

So, what exactly is this stone and it is a new find? Not at all really, this stone is as ancient as Rome is:

  • It is extracted from rock faces very much in the manner that marble or limestone is
  • Though this material is very popularly used in various outdoor projects, it is also used in indoor applications like walls, countertops and flooring.
  • It is available in a range of colors like ivory, red, gold and walnut, just to name a few
  • Travertine pavers are also available in tumbled or honed varieties and this refers to its texture
  • This natural material is also available in a “filled” form. In this type of stone, its cavities have a grout filling
  • It is available in 3 grades- commercial, standard and premium. This grading is based on factors like the uniformity of the color and the number of holes on its surface.

Travertine Advantages

Travertine Steps, Delray Beach, FL

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that this material is really a very good option for outdoor as well as indoor spaces. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Its attractive and travertine pavers look elegant and classy and complement traditional and contemporary designs
  • Easily Repairable - Though it is a hardy stone, if there is any damage, those particular pieces can simply be pulled-up as required. This stone holds its color over time and matching the color is not a big hassle
  • Non-slip Surface - Since it is a porous stone, there is not much pooling which makes it a non-slip surface

And Some More…

In addition to these definite benefits, travertine pavers are very easy on bare feet. This is a porous stone and does not absorb heat as fast as other decking materials, which saves your feet in all those hot summer months when you know you have to take that dip in the pool. In short, figuratively and literally, this material is truly a cool option for pool decks.

If you want this affordable stone installed in any part of your landscape, call us on 954-868-3129. FR Pavers and Stone’s friendly sales staff will provide you with all the information you need about travertine pavers and the suitable quotes.

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