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Fire Pits

Firepits, Boca Raton, FL

The idea of adding fire pits to a yard came from the desire to get more from the outdoor spaces on a property. A fire pit can be built in any open or semi-enclosed space. It fits in perfectly in a landscaped yard and creates equally comforting spots on patios and decks. The size and materials that fire pits are made of, will differ based on the where they are installed.

Having a fire pit in your yard is a definite value-add, not just to your home, but to your life as well. The space that it creates and the ambience that it lends to these outdoor areas, encourages you to spend some more time there. It is an excuse to unwind and de-stress and relaxation time with family is very essential. In short, when you add fire pits to your home, your return on investment is 2-fold.

Complete Fire Pit Customization

Fire Pits, Boynton Beach, FL

FR Pavers and Stone have been creating the most fascinating and artistic fire pits and other outdoor elements in homes in the Lake Worth area. These pits are available in a range of options and we can help in every aspect of designing, planning and installing them. Even as we create the most alluring designs, we focus on the architectural element of your home and ensure that these fire pits complement it. For instance, if you have stone-facing on the exterior walls of your home, a brick fire pit might be a complete mismatch.

Types of Fire Pits

Fire Pits, Lake Worth, FL

Thus whenever any hardscaping elements are added to a landscape, surveying the area and studying all the elements that have been used there, becomes all important. Our accomplished designers and skilled masons are able to create and install very aesthetically-appealing fire pits that will also complement your good style. We can make fire pits of concrete, natural stone and brick and also ensure that it has the right kind of fill. Lava rock, river rock or recycled glass will be used inside the pit, which adds heat absorbency and beauty to it.

Fire Pit Designing Expertise

When we handle your fire pits projects in areas such as Lantana, Palm Springs, Boynton Beach, you know that you are hiring the best. We aim to serve every one of our customers with the highest levels of efficiency and professionalism and within no time at all, you will have a fire pit of your choice in your backyard. Home improvement has many facets but when you action it in phases, it becomes all-important to maintain cohesiveness in design and concept or else the home and the landscaping can end up looking like a patchwork of sorts.

This is where our expertise and knowledge comes into the picture and we design fire pits and other outdoor elements that will blend in beautifully with the style of your home. Call FR Pavers and Stone on 954-868-3129 or fill out a form on our website and tell us what your requirement is. We will contact you and provide you with the best quotes and ideas for fire pits in Lake Worth.

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