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Paver Solar Lights

Paver Solar Lights

When you have a well-planned and well-designed landscape, you also want it to be able to enjoy it in the evening and the night-time. This is possible only if you have the appropriate lighting in all the outdoor spaces of your property. Outdoor lighting is much more than lighting up the exterior of your home. It means that all the spaces including the walkways and driveways will have to be lighted up appropriately.

FR Pavers and Stone have vast experience in landscaping and outdoor lighting. We specialize in everything that is related to outdoor masonry and have been creating the most attractive gardens and yards for customers across Lake Worth and the surrounding areas like Boynton Beach, Palm Springs and Lantana. The one common concern that many of our long-standing customers express is that of excessive electric bills.

The Environment-Friendly Option

When there is a lot of elaborate outdoor lighting, this can become a distinct issue and we like to provide our customers with the best and most cost-effective solutions. Another emerging fact is that many people are also very particular about using environment friendly materials, products and solutions in and around their home. Thus paver solar lights and solar walkway lighting becomes the ideal solution for many. We have years of expertise in installing all kinds of hardscapes and we can also help you with the installation of these paver solar lights on your property.

Conserving Energy - Saving Money

Paver Solar Lights

Solar power is an alternative energy source and is very energy–efficient too. Its environmental and financial benefits are what encourage many homeowners in and around Lake Worth to now opt for paver solar lights. These lights have LED bulbs in them, which offer 80% power-efficiency is comparison to standard bulbs and the paver lights have in-built solar cells. These are specifically –designed to convert the sun’s rays into energy. The light they throw after nightfall is amazingly beautiful and bright and your property will be well-lit and looks beautiful.

The Best Installation

We carry out the installation of paver solar lights while the installation of the paths, outdoor spaces is in progress. But we are also able to add these elements to your existing paved driveways, walkways, patios or decks. These highly-efficient small lights add a very dramatic effect to the landscape. If you are planning on renovating your home or any part of the property that has paved areas, consider installing these paver solar lights.

FR Pavers and Stone have the know-how & experience to get the job done right, in the least possible time and in the most cost-effective manner. If you live in or around Lake Worth, want to add curb appeal to your home and make the outdoor areas on your property more livable and attractive; call us on 561-289-0943 for the latest paver solar lights solutions.

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